Friday, 28 March 2014

Stupid copycats!

So I decided to file a dmca removal request to google to get a url from this health care website removed.. basically it was a forum post that just blatantly sole one of my articles without my permission and I am not very happy about it... I posted the article about plantar fasciiits way back in 2008 and you can even check the wayback machine to prove all of this... and I have sent a removal request quite a few days ago but I have still not heard back from them. I am hoping that this issue will eb resolved soon as the forum is ranking above my own website in the search results at the moment which is not good at all!
How the article is written to is quite personal and makes it look like the forum psoter is actually positing it himself.... which makes things more worse..... I wouldn't have minded as much if they cited me but they didnt.. How long does a dmca take to process?

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

National womens soccer league starts in 17 days oooh!

Well its 17 days till the start of the womens main soccer season in the us.. the national womens soccer league season 2014... I think tis only there second season so good luck to them.. you got other leagues some are a lot bigger than this one like the wpsl but seeing as the biggest and best teams play on this one I think it is safe to say this one is the biggest.. In the wpsl some of the same teams play but only the reserved teams they save their best players for the nwsl so I guess that goes to show how much the coaches prefer the nwsl and think of it. I like following all things womens soccer not on the main nwsl website but the old wps league site which is... instead its just better I think.. the nwsl main site seems boring to me and too formal and besides on the wps site fans post on blogs and stuff like that its more interacting and cool....Anyway I personally cannot wait and Il be blogging here and on a few of my other blogs about the season.. I could have started already as they are playing exhibition games already some of the games and I could be talking about the roster but things like that that aren't actually part of the season bore me quite a bit and I find a waste of time..... My money at the moment is the Boston breakers I do hope that they win.... maybe because I am originally from Boston but that cant be the main reason can it? Boston breaker have already started playing exhibition games one with north eastern uni where they looked quite strong smashing them to the ground 6-0!!!!

Just been reading this blog post back and my goodness me there are a lot of letters floating around trying to name the different leagues.. sorry about that..... what is with sports and their leagues being called letter anyway.

Need to find me some good insoles and fast!

Been really quite stuck on what insoles I should buy recently, I decided something had to give either my wallet to buy some insoles (I am very strapped for cash at the moment)or if not my wallet then my feet and I didn't want that. I think that because I am getting older my feet aren't anywhere near as good as they used to be and aren't in too greater shape and me keep on pushing them when I run and ignoring the warning signs of pain when I run is not good as I will eventually get that nasty thing called plantar fasciiits..OH NO! At first I was thinking of going for some scholl insoles but after looking at this I have my doubts now and have no idea what I am gonna go with and what is best to buy instead... I guess I could go for the running insoles that same article pointed to but I dont know are they really as good as scholl ones? But then again I guess you gotta think everything is made in china nowadays probably can get cheap ones that are made from the same Chinese factory anyway well that's what they said in that post and I guess if you think about it how good are scholl insoles really they are just a bit of gel shaped like an insole and I have seen loads that look exactly like them but dont cost half as much. So I am a tad confused at the moment so would appreciate it if anyone got any opinions to comment I just want my aching feet to stop when I run before it too late, I have actually stopped running at the moment so I dont risk damaging them while I find a good pair so I am really desperate to find some good ones soon so I can get back out there. On another note some say you dont even need shoes not to mention insoles...... that really does confuse me even more is when people blab on about bare foot running. that concept is sounds silly though to me as your feet will always be harshly hitting the floor which cannot be good and what about glass on the floor ouch! I need to find some decent insoels and fast as each day I dont run I feel more and more unhealthy!